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Rachel Allen Media Services offers news tracking and social media monitoring, allowing you to see where your company, your issues, and even your competitors appear in online news and social media content.

With our service, we set up daily searches of our database of thousands of online news sites, government and policy news feeds, and social media outlets, for as many keywords as you'd like.  We search more sites than Google News, and offer customized reporting on your clips.

We organize the results into one daily report, or several.  You may want separate reports for different keywords or sets of keywords and have them go to different people.  You may want a report of only social media mentions, and one of only hits from the top 100 daily newspapers.  However you want your clips organized, we can do it.  

The daily email is an easy to read set of clips, which include a headline that is a link to the original story, byline and source information, and the context within which the keyword appeared.

These daily reports can go to one email or several, and come every day at a time you determine (or even twice a day, if needed).

In addition to your daily clips email, we can generate spreadsheets, charts, graphs and maps of your coverage on request for your reporting needs.

In a nutshell, this is highly customized, comprehensive tracking and media intelligence, with a PR professional listening to your needs and refining your searches, and monitoring your clips daily to make sure you are getting just the results you need.


In addition, Rachel Allen Media Services offers a variety of media/public relations and writing services, including media consulting and strategy development, writing and editing services. 

With an ever-changing media landscape, Rachel Allen Media Services provides media services utilizing mainstream media outlets, as well as alternative, independent and social media sources, in order to deliver your message and advance your mission.